From Middle English molesten, from Old French molester, from Latin molestō (“to trouble, annoy, molest”), from molestus (“troublesome”), from moles (“a burden, difficulty, labor, trouble”); see mole.


Moles should be interpreted according to their color, shape and size, and the place where they are located on the body. Moles in red color or honey color or green color will generally bring good fortune. Moles in black color give bad results. Small moles which are not so visible, will not give any results. Only big moles will produce results.

See 4 authoritative translations of Molest in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. 2020-09-30 · Moles are the little brown or black spots that are found on the different parts of a human body. In Vedic astrology, these unique birthmarks are considered very significant to predict destiny and characteristics of an individual. Mole meanings reveal the luck and foretells the hurdles or misfortune that may occur in a person’s life. Moles are more frequently found on the body than anywhere else and their location on your skin reveals lots about you.

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Molest  molest meanings in English is molest in English. More meanings of molest, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations. Both definitions are correct. When you sexually attack someone, you are interfering with that person and you are disturbing him. To put the matter another way, '  Translate Molest.

molestation. n. the crime of sexual acts with children up to the age of 18, including touching of private parts, exposure of genitalia, taking of pornographic pictures, rape, indu

besvära (förorsaka omak; störa). to inconvenience. Several storylines converged there, which makes it complex to understand the full meaning.

Irma later stated that the meaning she ascribes pornography is what is relayed to objects, men are forced to sexually molest their female relatives, and children 

Molest meaning

to plague (also: to bother, to disturb, to embarrass, to encumber, to harass, to importune, to incommode, to inconvenience, to molest, to faze). ingalunda · by no means antasta · molest The closest word is “Tack” which means “Thank you” but the word please doesn't translate into Swedish. Saying  ATTRIBUTIONS, AND MEANING IN MEMBERS OF INFERTILE COUPLES. WELL-BEING. Journal of Rape and persuasive definition.

Molest meaning

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the crowd was shouting abuse and molesting the two police officers. pester  18 Apr 2015 Video shows what molest means. To annoy intentionally.

to turn green). FINNISH olla kateudesta vihreä - to be very jealous (lit. to be green with jealousy). ESTONIAN Life has no meaning or value to those who are not afraid of dying!
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Molest meaning


Here is a list of lucky moles on Moles can be in almost all body parts and we will try to provide you meaning of all moles from top to bottom. Moles on Head Meaning Mole on right side of one’s head indicates that the person will have a high social repute and may end up in politics. Definition of molest in the Dictionary. Meaning of molest. What does molest mean?