Ordet "additional" kan ha följande grammatiska funktioner: Vi har hittat följande franska ord och översättningar för "additional": additional paid-in capital.


As of December 31, 2003 and 2002, the new CPOs generated an additional-paid in capital of $42.9 and $75.7, respectively, and increased []

de Agio  additional paid-in capital från engelska till svenska. Redfox Free är ett gratis lexikon som innehåller 41 språk. Additional paid in capital. Överkursfond. Paid up capital (EUR).

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2021 — uncertainties and other factors, which are in some cases beyond the Company's control and may cause actual 2021 capital expenditures estimated to MSEK 400 (355). • Paid interest estimate to 3 - 3.5% of average NIBD. Capital Gains Taxation: Capital gains are treated as ordinary income and taxed at the The obligatory Ukrainian social security insurance contributions paid by the Other Corporate Taxes: A property tax is levied at rates varying between 1​%  31 dec. 2020 — be paid for the 2020 financial year. During the financial year, development efforts yielded further capital infusion of MSEK 34.2 after issue.

Additional Paid-In Capital represents capital contributed by shareholders in excess of par value of common stock in return for shares issued to them.

Common Stock and Additional Paid-in Capital are both Stockholders' Equi 2020-05-04 Additional Paid-in Capital synonyms. Top synonyms for additional paid-in capital (other words for additional paid-in capital) are capital reserves, capital buffers and capital reserve. Additional Paid-In Capital represents capital contributed by shareholders in excess of par value of common stock in return for shares issued to them. Additional Paid In Capital is an accounting term found on the Balance Sheet under Shareholder's Equity.

Any additional paid-in and payable shares. Capital transfers representing taxes and social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected. Produktskatter 

Additional paid in capital

Accounting Play session includes all the basics on this topic. Additional paid in capital is the amount investors pay for a company’s stock above the stated par value. Par value is the dollar amount of a company’s stock during the initial public offering process. After the IPO, private investors may choose to purchase the company’s stock at a higher market rate. The Additional Paid In Capital Definition.

Additional paid in capital

This amount above the par value is the APIC. I have put around $1000 in my company as "additional paid-in capital". Some say that the filing of form 5472 is not required since Capital contributions does not impact taxable income in any way, unless its a loan. I'm really confused. Se hela listan på upcounsel.com Additional paid-in capital represents the extra $1 investors paid to the company above its original $1 par value. On the public markets, this is most often seen when a company holds an IPO, though companies whose shares are already trading can also issue more shares in order to raise capital. This video shows the difference between Common Stock and Additional Paid-in Capital.
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Additional paid-in capital (APIC) is  Definition: Additional Paid In Capital (APIC) is simply the amount of money that investors pay in excess of the par value price of the stock. Often called contributed  26 Jan 2020 Additional paid-in capital: Amount paid by an investor in excess of par value per share. Par value typically set low, such as $.01 per share  The amount of capital in excess of par is known as APIC or additional paid-in capital. It represents the amount of money investors are willing to pay above the  Two common accounts in the equity section of the balance sheet are used when issuing stock—Common Stock and Additional Paid-in Capital from Common  3 May 2020 I want to reclassify a distribution as a return of Additional paid in capital.

This Agreement shall apply to taxes on income and on capital gains imposed on Interest arising in a Contracting State and paid to a resident of the other  16 dec. 2015 — fill their obligation to pay rent under the lease agreements, which could of a deficiency in the capital market or for any other rea- son, this  av A Hilling · 2007 · Citerat av 22 — Similarities in the Income Tax Treatment of Capital Assets is that the latter excludes contracts that pay property other than cash or financial. ค่าซ่อมบำรุงโรงงาน - Factory maintenance, งบทดลองหลังปรับปรุง - Adjusted Trial Balance, ส่วนเกินมูลค่าหุ้น - Additional paid-in capital, เงินเดือนพนักงานขาย - Sales  to be amortized within 37 years , after which the remaining portion must be paid in a rural house property into a farm holding , an additional loan may be granted . been lent by 1935 , of which 230,000,000 were outstanding capital loans .
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Additional paid in capital

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In other words, it’s the amount over the par value that investors are willing to pay for the stock. This metric appears on the shareholder’s equity section of the balance sheet. In accounting terms, additional paid-in capital is the value of a company's shares above the value at which they were issued. This can apply to both common and preferred shares. For example, a Additional Paid in capital also known as Capital surplus is the excess of amount the company receives over and above the par value of shares (equity or preferred) from the investors during the time of an IPO, it can be seen as the profit which a company receives when it issues the stock for the first time in open market. Additional paid-in capital refers to only the amount in excess of a stock's par value.